Sunny Energy General Trading LLC


Company Background 
sunny energy trading LLC was established in the year 2013 in the emirates Arabs united, it brandishes a variety of cultures and religions. Its sales footprint consists of the Middle East, Africa, CIS, and Indo-Pak sub-continent.

Who we are
 sunny energy is an electricity solution provider specializing in photo voltaic modules, solar charge controllers, power inverters, solar energy storage, Solar/Gasoline / Diesel power generator sets, Gasoline / Diesel / Electric water pump sets, and solar water heater

What is our advantage?
We have a tier-1 manufacturing facility in China.
We have a 30 GW global capacity estimated
We customize goods according to the client’s requirements to ensure their satisfaction.

Technical strength

Hangzhou mechanical and electrical equipment co. LTD our mother company established in the 1960s has 62 years of prosperous history. additionally, SUNNY ENERGY is encompassing many technicians, engineers, and teams of R&D that work together to meet consumer expectations and demands.